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Kickoff a Crew Asynchronously


CrewAI provides the ability to kickoff a crew asynchronously, allowing you to start the crew execution in a non-blocking manner. This feature is particularly useful when you want to run multiple crews concurrently or when you need to perform other tasks while the crew is executing.

Asynchronous Crew Execution

To kickoff a crew asynchronously, use the kickoff_async() method. This method initiates the crew execution in a separate thread, allowing the main thread to continue executing other tasks.

Here's an example of how to kickoff a crew asynchronously:

from crewai import Crew, Agent, Task

# Create an agent with code execution enabled
coding_agent = Agent(
    role="Python Data Analyst",
    goal="Analyze data and provide insights using Python",
    backstory="You are an experienced data analyst with strong Python skills.",

# Create a task that requires code execution
data_analysis_task = Task(
    description="Analyze the given dataset and calculate the average age of participants. Ages: {ages}",

# Create a crew and add the task
analysis_crew = Crew(

# Execute the crew
result = analysis_crew.kickoff_async(inputs={"ages": [25, 30, 35, 40, 45]})