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Starting Your CrewAI Project

Welcome to the ultimate guide for starting a new CrewAI project. This document will walk you through the steps to create, customize, and run your CrewAI project, ensuring you have everything you need to get started.


We assume you have already installed CrewAI. If not, please refer to the installation guide to install CrewAI and its dependencies.

Creating a New Project

To create a new project, run the following CLI command:

$ crewai create my_project

This command will create a new project folder with the following structure:

├── .gitignore
├── pyproject.toml
└── src/
    └── my_project/
        ├── tools/
        └── config/
            ├── agents.yaml
            └── tasks.yaml

You can now start developing your project by editing the files in the src/my_project folder. The file is the entry point of your project, and the file is where you define your agents and tasks.

Customizing Your Project

To customize your project, you can: - Modify src/my_project/config/agents.yaml to define your agents. - Modify src/my_project/config/tasks.yaml to define your tasks. - Modify src/my_project/ to add your own logic, tools, and specific arguments. - Modify src/my_project/ to add custom inputs for your agents and tasks. - Add your environment variables into the .env file.

Example: Defining Agents and Tasks


  role: >
    Job Candidate Researcher
  goal: >
    Find potential candidates for the job
  backstory: >
    You are adept at finding the right candidates by exploring various online
    resources. Your skill in identifying suitable candidates ensures the best
    match for job positions.


  description: >
    Conduct thorough research to find potential candidates for the specified job.
    Utilize various online resources and databases to gather a comprehensive list of potential candidates.
    Ensure that the candidates meet the job requirements provided.

    Job Requirements:
  expected_output: >
    A list of 10 potential candidates with their contact information and brief profiles highlighting their suitability.

Installing Dependencies

To install the dependencies for your project, you can use Poetry. First, navigate to your project directory:

$ cd my_project
$ poetry lock
$ poetry install

This will install the dependencies specified in the pyproject.toml file.

Interpolating Variables

Any variable interpolated in your agents.yaml and tasks.yaml files like {variable} will be replaced by the value of the variable in the file.


  description: >
    Conduct a thorough research about the customer and competitors in the context
    of {customer_domain}.
    Make sure you find any interesting and relevant information given the
    current year is 2024.
  expected_output: >
    A complete report on the customer and their customers and competitors,
    including their demographics, preferences, market positioning and audience engagement.

def run():
    inputs = {
        "customer_domain": ""

Running Your Project

To run your project, use the following command:

$ poetry run my_project

This will initialize your crew of AI agents and begin task execution as defined in your configuration in the file.

Deploying Your Project

The easiest way to deploy your crew is through CrewAI+, where you can deploy your crew in a few clicks.