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Browserbase is a developer platform to reliably run, manage, and monitor headless browsers.

Power your AI data retrievals with: - Serverless Infrastructure providing reliable browsers to extract data from complex UIs - Stealth Mode with included fingerprinting tactics and automatic captcha solving - Session Debugger to inspect your Browser Session with networks timeline and logs - Live Debug to quickly debug your automation


  • Get an API key and Project ID from and set it in environment variables (BROWSERBASE_API_KEY, BROWSERBASE_PROJECT_ID).
  • Install the Browserbase SDK along with crewai[tools] package:
pip install browserbase 'crewai[tools]'


Utilize the BrowserbaseLoadTool as follows to allow your agent to load websites:

from crewai_tools import BrowserbaseLoadTool

tool = BrowserbaseLoadTool()


  • api_key Optional. Browserbase API key. Default is BROWSERBASE_API_KEY env variable.
  • project_id Optional. Browserbase Project ID. Default is BROWSERBASE_PROJECT_ID env variable.
  • text_content Retrieve only text content. Default is False.
  • session_id Optional. Provide an existing Session ID.
  • proxy Optional. Enable/Disable Proxies."