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ComposioTool Documentation


This tools is a wrapper around the composio toolset and gives your agent access to a wide variety of tools from the composio SDK.


To incorporate this tool into your project, follow the installation instructions below:

pip install composio-core
pip install 'crewai[tools]'

after the installation is complete, either run composio login or export your composio API key as COMPOSIO_API_KEY.


The following example demonstrates how to initialize the tool and execute a github action:

  1. Initialize toolset
from composio import App
from crewai_tools import ComposioTool
from crewai import Agent, Task

tools = [ComposioTool.from_action(action=Action.GITHUB_ACTIVITY_STAR_REPO_FOR_AUTHENTICATED_USER)]

If you don't know what action you want to use, use from_app and tags filter to get relevant actions

tools = ComposioTool.from_app(App.GITHUB, tags=["important"])

or use use_case to search relevant actions

tools = ComposioTool.from_app(App.GITHUB, use_case="Star a github repository")
  1. Define agent
crewai_agent = Agent(
    role="Github Agent",
    goal="You take action on Github using Github APIs",
        "You are AI agent that is responsible for taking actions on Github "
        "on users behalf. You need to take action on Github using Github APIs"
  1. Execute task
task = Task(
    description="Star a repo ComposioHQ/composio on GitHub",
    expected_output="if the star happened",

  • More detailed list of tools can be found here