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Understanding Processes

Core Concept

In CrewAI, processes orchestrate the execution of tasks by agents, akin to project management in human teams. These processes ensure tasks are distributed and executed efficiently, in alignment with a predefined strategy.

Process Implementations

  • Sequential: Executes tasks sequentially, ensuring tasks are completed in an orderly progression.
  • Hierarchical: Organizes tasks in a managerial hierarchy, where tasks are delegated and executed based on a structured chain of command. A manager language model (manager_llm) must be specified in the crew to enable the hierarchical process, facilitating the creation and management of tasks by the manager.
  • Consensual Process (Planned): Aiming for collaborative decision-making among agents on task execution, this process type introduces a democratic approach to task management within CrewAI. It is planned for future development and is not currently implemented in the codebase.

The Role of Processes in Teamwork

Processes enable individual agents to operate as a cohesive unit, streamlining their efforts to achieve common objectives with efficiency and coherence.

Assigning Processes to a Crew

To assign a process to a crew, specify the process type upon crew creation to set the execution strategy. For a hierarchical process, ensure to define manager_llm for the manager agent.

from crewai import Crew
from crewai.process import Process
from langchain_openai import ChatOpenAI

# Example: Creating a crew with a sequential process
crew = Crew(

# Example: Creating a crew with a hierarchical process
# Ensure to provide a manager_llm
crew = Crew(
Note: Ensure my_agents and my_tasks are defined prior to creating a Crew object, and for the hierarchical process, manager_llm is also required.

Sequential Process

This method mirrors dynamic team workflows, progressing through tasks in a thoughtful and systematic manner. Task execution follows the predefined order in the task list, with the output of one task serving as context for the next.

To customize task context, utilize the context parameter in the Task class to specify outputs that should be used as context for subsequent tasks.

Hierarchical Process

Emulates a corporate hierarchy, CrewAI automatically creates a manager for you, requiring the specification of a manager language model (manager_llm) for the manager agent. This agent oversees task execution, including planning, delegation, and validation. Tasks are not pre-assigned; the manager allocates tasks to agents based on their capabilities, reviews outputs, and assesses task completion.

Process Class: Detailed Overview

The Process class is implemented as an enumeration (Enum), ensuring type safety and restricting process values to the defined types (sequential, hierarchical). The consensual process is planned for future inclusion, emphasizing our commitment to continuous development and innovation.

Additional Task Features

  • Asynchronous Execution: Tasks can now be executed asynchronously, allowing for parallel processing and efficiency improvements. This feature is designed to enable tasks to be carried out concurrently, enhancing the overall productivity of the crew.
  • Human Input Review: An optional feature that enables the review of task outputs by humans to ensure quality and accuracy before finalization. This additional step introduces a layer of oversight, providing an opportunity for human intervention and validation.
  • Output Customization: Tasks support various output formats, including JSON (output_json), Pydantic models (output_pydantic), and file outputs (output_file), providing flexibility in how task results are captured and utilized. This allows for a wide range of output possibilities, catering to different needs and requirements.


The structured collaboration facilitated by processes within CrewAI is crucial for enabling systematic teamwork among agents. This documentation has been updated to reflect the latest features, enhancements, and the planned integration of the Consensual Process, ensuring users have access to the most current and comprehensive information.