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Using LangChain Tools

Using LangChain Tools

LangChain Integration

CrewAI seamlessly integrates with LangChain’s comprehensive toolkit for search-based queries and more, here are the available built-in tools that are offered by Langchain LangChain Toolkit

from crewai import Agent
from langchain.agents import Tool
from langchain.utilities import GoogleSerperAPIWrapper

# Setup API keys
os.environ["SERPER_API_KEY"] = "Your Key"

search = GoogleSerperAPIWrapper()

# Create and assign the search tool to an agent
serper_tool = Tool(
  name="Intermediate Answer",,
  description="Useful for search-based queries",

agent = Agent(
  role='Research Analyst',
  goal='Provide up-to-date market analysis',
  backstory='An expert analyst with a keen eye for market trends.',

# rest of the code ...


Tools are pivotal in extending the capabilities of CrewAI agents, enabling them to undertake a broad spectrum of tasks and collaborate effectively. When building solutions with CrewAI, leverage both custom and existing tools to empower your agents and enhance the AI ecosystem. Consider utilizing error handling, caching mechanisms, and the flexibility of tool arguments to optimize your agents' performance and capabilities.