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SerperDevTool Documentation


We are still working on improving tools, so there might be unexpected behavior or changes in the future.


This tool is designed to perform a semantic search for a specified query from a text's content across the internet. It utilizes the API to fetch and display the most relevant search results based on the query provided by the user.


To incorporate this tool into your project, follow the installation instructions below:

pip install 'crewai[tools]'


The following example demonstrates how to initialize the tool and execute a search with a given query:

from crewai_tools import SerperDevTool

# Initialize the tool for internet searching capabilities
tool = SerperDevTool()

Steps to Get Started

To effectively use the SerperDevTool, follow these steps:

  1. Package Installation: Confirm that the crewai[tools] package is installed in your Python environment.
  2. API Key Acquisition: Acquire a API key by registering for a free account at
  3. Environment Configuration: Store your obtained API key in an environment variable named SERPER_API_KEY to facilitate its use by the tool.


By integrating the SerperDevTool into Python projects, users gain the ability to conduct real-time, relevant searches across the internet directly from their applications. By adhering to the setup and usage guidelines provided, incorporating this tool into projects is streamlined and straightforward.